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The admission process involves submitting an application form, providing necessary documents (birth certificate, address proof, etc.), and sometimes attending an admission interaction. Details regarding the admission process can be obtained from the school’s admission office or website.

The school’s timings are as follows:

  • School timings for Pre-primary are 9.00 am to 12.55 pm
  • School timings for Grade 1 onwards are 9.00 am to 4 pm
  • School reporting time 8.50 am

Break schedules, and term dates (including vacations and holidays), are usually available as per school’s time or provided during the admission process. It is recommended to refer to the school calendar for specific details

Evolve will provide periodic progress reports, parent-teacher meetings, online portals or communication channels to keep parents updated about their child’s academic and overall progress. It is advisable to stay connected with the school and reach out to teachers or administrators for any concerns or queries.

At Evolve High we provide a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, music, dance, clubs, and more. These activities play an important role in the holistic development of students. The school may have specific information about the extracurricular programs they offer.

Evolve school has its own discipline policies and procedures in place to maintain a positive learning environment. It is recommended to review the school’s code of conduct or reach out to the school administration to understand their approach to discipline and behavior management.

At Evolve High we provide transportation facilities, such as buses or vans, for students residing at a distance from the school. Details regarding transportation routes, timings, and fees (if applicable) can usually be obtained from the school’s transportation department.

Evolve High encourages parents involvement and offers opportunities for parents to participate in school activities, events, and parent-teacher associations. Information regarding parent involvement initiatives can be obtained from the school or through parent communication channels.

At Evolve High we prioritize the safety and security of students. They may have measures in place such as trained security staff, surveillance systems, visitor protocols, emergency response plans, and more. Parents can inquire about the specific safety measures implemented by the school.

We at Evolve High provide contact details, such as phone numbers, email addresses or online portals, through which parents can communicate with the school. It is recommended to save the relevant contact information and follow the preferred communication channels established by the school.

Schools often have support systems in place for students with special educational needs or learning differences. Parents can inquire about the school’s policies, resources, and support programs designed to meet the specific needs of their child.

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